How to Protect Against Common Home Insurance Claims 

Although no homeowner wants their home and belongings to ever get damaged, the truth is that accidents happen. According to the Insurance Information Institute, one out of every 15 homeowners in the U.S. file a claim on their homeowners insurance each year. To understand where your largest risks lie, check out common home insurance claims and what you can do to avoid them.

Exterior Wind Damage

When major wind events roll into town, they cause a lot of damage everywhere. To homes, they can pull slates off the roof, rip an entire roof off, crash large debris into the house, and break off branches from trees that become flying hazards. Before strong winds arrive, make sure your trees are pruned, the roof is in good condition, and that your outdoor furniture is safely stored away or tied down.


Whether it’s vandalism and theft or a quick break in to steal valuables, theft is a large concern for homeowners. Luckily, there are many easy and affordable ways you can deter thieves. Make sure all your windows and doors are locked when you’re not home, lock your garage door, install motion sensor lights outside, and implement a security system.

Fire Damage

Unfortunately, fires can cause a lot of damage in just a few seconds, making fire damage the most expensive of all the home insurance claims. Fires can occur from cooking, the electrical system, candles, heaters, and more. To protect your home, make sure that you have fire alarms installed and in good condition. Next, you can take care when using ovens, heaters, lighting candles, and never overloading sockets.

When a disaster does happen, homeowners insurance is there to help you recover quickly. To get an affordable policy that protects your home and belongings, visit the experts at Jack Stone Insurance Agency, serving California.

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