3 Common (and Costly) Homeowner Mistakes

Owning your own home is a joy. It’s a place to grow as a family and is yours to decorate as you please. Yet, with homeownership comes some mighty responsibilities. Looking after a building that is yours calls for regular maintenance and quality protection. To help keep your home in good stead, take a look at these homeowner mistakes – and how to avoid them.


Common Homeownership Mistakes


  • Forgetting the small stuff

It’s easy (and all too common) for homeowners to overlook the crack in the wall, the leaking faucet, and the toilet that runs constantly. They seem like minor issues that get pushed to the bottom of the very long list of things to do, however, these small issues can turn into costly and extensive repairs later on. Take care of them now before you have major leaks, wall repairs, and high utility costs.


  • Not checking the property frequently

How often do you look around your house? If you haven’t been into the attic for years, it’s time to inspect the house thoroughly from top to bottom. Look for cracks in siding, roof damage, and worn-out sealing around windows and doors. Catching these issues early will help you save money on repairs down the line.


  • Not reviewing insurance regularly

Your insurance is there to protect your home and belongings – so make sure it is as accurate and as up-to-date as possible. If you buy or sell items, update your home inventory. If you make changes to the house, let your insurer know. Take time to review your policy and understand your coverage. You don’t want to file a claim only to find out that your insurance doesn’t cover the damage.


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