Combat Sitting All Day

Counteract the effects of sitting all day with these tips.

Even though it’s just a ‘desk job,’ working in an office can wreak havoc on our bodies. If you’re someone who spends all day (and night) at a computer, you may experience lower back pain, wrist pain, a tight neck, lack of mobility, stiffness, and poor posture. By now, most of us understand the harmful side effects of sitting all day. To counteract this damage, it’s important for office workers to do certain tasks routinely.

Set up your station to succeed

You want to sit in a chair at a height where you can sit with your shoulders relaxed and pulled back, sit tall, your forearms parallel to the ground, with the monitor at eye level. Whether you need a new chair or to stack books underneath your desktop for height, always start by adjusting your workstation.

Stretch often

More importantly than anything is not to stay in the same position for hours upon hours! Studies suggest that the best plan for prolonged spinal health is to alter your work environment consistently. Move around often, stand when possible, and stretch out your shoulders and legs regularly.

Sit, don’t strain

Even though it’s hard to maintain a good sitting posture for long, aim to improve every day. When you need to rest, stand up and stretch before returning to the base position sitting.

Keep your head up

To avoid straining your neck muscles, don’t drop your head while typing. Instead, raise your keyboard or screen so that you can keep your head forward and your eyes straight.

Maintain your fitness regime

While we cannot undo the adverse effects of sitting, we can work harder to maintain our health and fitness. Aim to exercise regularly for 30-40 minutes and raise your heart rate. Overall, this will help your body when it’s sitting down at work.

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