Is It Time to Buy (More) Business Liability Insurance?

Liability InsuranceBusiness owners, do you need business liability insurance?

Small business owners know that insurance shields their business from harm, contributes to the health of their employees, and offers peace of mind that your company is protected. Having adequate insurance plays a vital component in your business’s success or failure. Insufficient coverage, or no coverage, can lead to everything from operational headaches to foreclosure.

As a business owner, if you have reached certain milestones, it could be time to acquire a new business liability insurance policy, or update a policy you currently have in place!

Do you rent an office space?

While you may love your new office space, you may not have realized that any space open to the public is also an open door for risks. From customers slipping on uneven flooring to accidentally breaking a client’s laptop, you may be held liable for expenses. General liability can help pay for damages, such as medical expenses and repairs so that you don’t have to hand over your hard-earned money. If you’ve expanded your office space, you may need additional coverage.

Have you acquired company vehicles?

If your business has grown enough over time that you now have the need to deliver products, there may come a time when a personal car will no longer do, and you may opt to purchase a company car or van. For this, you’ll need to acquire a commercial auto insurance policy to protect your vehicle, employees, and business’s finances!

Have you hired more employees?

You need employees to run your business, but your business takes on a lot of responsibility when you hire a team. You’re liable for their on-the-job injuries. Workers’ compensation insurance steps in to help with medical bills, replacement wages, disability, and death benefits.

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