Budget-Friendly Capitals to Explore This Summer

Planning your holiday vacation? Consider these budget-friendly capitals!

Even if you’re counting the pennies this year, that doesn’t mean that you have to skip out on a fun vacation! If you’re an eager traveler, visiting countries on a tight budget is still within reach. Budget-friendly capitals are easy enough to hop on a plane to visit!

Check out these places to visit this summer that will fulfill your travels without breaking the bank!

  1. New Delhi, India
    The capital of India has a very rich history. It’s filled with monuments, buildings, and temples! The Lotus Temple is a famous attraction, shaped like a lotus flower, adorning marble petals, and is a Temple for worshiping all religions. As for cost, a meal is less than $5, and public transport is $9 for a monthly pass. Hotels are relatively low-priced, even in the city center. All in all, a trip to New Delhi could be quite affordable!
  2. Warsaw, Poland
    Warsaw may not be a popular destination, as it may not be as metropolitan as some other cities in Europe, but it certainly deserves a visit! It will offer you centuries-old beauty that you can check out in the Old Town, and there is so much beautiful architecture to see! A standard meal can cost you below $10, a public transport pass is $27, and hotel prices start at $29. That’s what we call affordable.
  3. Rome, Italy
    For a more tourist-popular destination, Rome should definitely be on your list. It’s historic, full of beauty with ancient sites and monuments, not to mention the excellent food! Don’t miss the Fontana de Trevi, Aventine Hill, and Vatican Museums. Despite a reputation for being expensive, planning wisely and resisting the urge to splurge can make a trip to Rome fun and inexpensive!

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