Best Holiday PartyIf you’re tempted to throw the best holiday party this year, here’s how!

The holidays always mean plenty of dinners, events, and parties, including those for work and home. If you’ve decided to throw your own holiday shindig, you’ll undoubtedly have a big project on your hands. While the festive season is upon us, here’s how to throw the best holiday party!

Set the Decorations

You can thank yourself if you spent Thanksgiving weekend dressing up the house in decorations. Since you’re hosting a holiday party, you don’t have to worry too much about the theme, as your home is likely decorated for the season anyway. However, you will need to decide whether you want to throw a formal or casual dinner. Prepare the tables buffet style or a sit-down meal according to your plan.

Gather Supplies

Now that you know what type of party you want to throw and who is coming, it’s time to prep the food and drinks for the guests. If you can, prepare meals a couple of days ahead of time, leaving the morning of to titivate the house.

Be aware that many of your guests could have allergies or dietary needs, so aim to make a broad choice of treats. With many of us looking to stick to our diets and clean eating ways, opt to make low-sugar or dairy-free desserts.

While you’re at it, get enough supplies for all of your guests. Some may not remember what you served, but they will remember if you run out of drinks or food within the first hour of the party.


Greet the guests, usher them into the heart of the home, and enjoy your own party! Allow yourself to relax and celebrate the season during your best holiday party.

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