Avoid Auto Repair ScamsAvoid auto repair scams to save your car and money.

Restoring your car after an accident or for essential engine work can be stressful. No motorist wants to add more pressure onto his/her plate by accidentally falling victim to a dishonest mechanic shop. Finding out how to avoid repair scams will keep your car from further damage and it’ll keep your money in your wallet!

While most auto repair shops are legitimate and honest, some take advantage of inexperienced car owners by doing unnecessary work, charging extortionate rates, or even using faulty equipment. Protect your car by implementing these protective tips!

Shop Around

Ask your friends, co-workers, and insurer if they have been to a mechanic that have impressed them. Research different local shops to make sure that it looks legitimate and that the business is listed on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Get Details in Writing

After you’ve received estimates from different shops and you have chosen the one, ask the shop for a detailed quote in writing. Your mechanic should only do the listed repairs, and the price should not alter.

Watch Out for Common Scams

There are a few regular scams that auto shops do to attract customers, mislead clients, and charge more money. Here are just a few:

  • The repair shop gives you a verbal estimate and then charges a higher price in writing.
  • The shop doesn’t want to return replaced parts to you, which could mean that the work wasn’t done at all.
  • Telling you that the shop will provide services covered under the car’s warranty free of charge – and then they charge you for these services.
  • A shop attracts you in with a cheap deal, then pads out the work order with other repairs that are unnecessary.
  • The repair garage doesn’t follow car manufacturer’s recommendations.

Even the most inexperienced motorists can protect themselves when it comes to getting their car fixed by knowing how to avoid auto repair scams. For protection on the roads, contact the industry experts at Jack Stone Insurance Agency for all of your auto insurance needs in Brentwood, Antioch, and neighboring cities.

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