How to: Budget For Auto Insurance in Antioch, CA

The price of auto insurance in Antioch, CA doesn’t have to break the bank!

Auto insurance in Antioch CA

Sometimes, you are destined to pay a higher insurance premium. This includes owning an expensive car and a history of accidents and tickets. If this is the case, remember that you always have options! One of those options is to search around for affordable auto insurance in Antioch, CA!

Use these tips to create a budget and prepare for the cost of auto insurance!

  • Create a budget: Write (or type) out your budget of incomings, outgoings, and the desired amount to spend on your insurance policies. A visual representation will mean that you can focus on your finances accurately.
  • Add up expenses: Include rent, mortgage, car payments, insurance premiums, utilities, cellphone, credit card, gas, food, and any other monthly outgoings. Totaling recurring expenses allow a good insight into how much extra money you’re spending that you should be saving instead.
  • If the sum of all of your expenses adds up to more than what you’re bringing in, consider some cuts. Go down your list and eliminate any unnecessary expenditures. After securing enough funds to pay for the roof over your head, your car and insurance, food, utilities, and medical expenses, leave a small percentage for “fun” and put the rest into savings!
  • Consider paying your six-month car insurance premium in one lump sum: Although this sounds counterintuitive, you may save you money! In many cases, opting to spread the coverage out to monthly payments increases the cost by a small but potentially significant amount.
  • Look for discounts: If you’re in school or have a teenager in school, you may be eligible for a Good Student Discount. If you’re a good driver, there is a Good Driver Discount. Ask your insurer if there are any discounts that apply to you.

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