Tips to Secure Affordable Auto Insurance for College Students in Antioch, CA!

Drowning in student loans and debt? Auto insurance for college students can be affordable.

If you’re like most college students, you’re probably constantly looking for ways to save money. From buying Groupons, coupon clipping, and living off Ramen Noodles, you know that every little bit can make a big difference.

Auto insurance is a requirement but there are ways to obtain quality coverage without emptying your wallet!

Read on for top tips on affordable auto insurance for college students in Antioch, CA!

  • Stay on your parents’ policy – Most insurance companies will permit your parents to keep you on their policy if you’re under 25 years old, meaning that you can enjoy lower rates for a longer period of time!
  • Leave your car at home – College campuses are usually designed in a way where everything that you need is within walking distance. When you leave you car at home, you can take advantage of low-mileage discounts and what some insurance companies refer to “student away at school” discounts!
  • Good Student Discounts – Getting good grades means that you can get a discount on your auto insurance. This is available for those who maintain at least a B average!
  • Be a safe driver – Maintaining a clean driving record so that you can keep your policy rates on the lower end of the spectrum. You can get discounts for having successfully completed a defensive driver course!
  • Never drink and drive – Those aged between 18 and 25 are the most likely to drive while intoxicated. A DUI on your record can lead to expensive fines and extremely high insurance rates for years to come!

Students needn’t suffer from school loans and high auto insurance rates. Skip the search of finding the best auto insurance for college students in Antioch, CA by contacting the insurance experts at Jack Stone Insurance Agency!

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