How Your Auto Insurance in Antioch, CA Can Help After a Hit-and-Run Accident

Auto Insurance in Antioch, CA Hit and RunHow to: handle a hit-and-run accident and let your auto insurance in Antioch, CA help.

Whether you’re in the car park and see a driver back up into your car and drive off, or the driver behind you doesn’t see the red light, getting into an accident is not ideal. What’s worse is when the vehicle at fault drives off, making the whole accident a hit-and-run crime. Before a hit-and-run accident occurs, it’s essential to know what to do. As with any collision, you must carefully document everything that happened. To ease this along, here’s what you should and shouldn’t do, along with how your auto insurance in Antioch, CA can help!

Do get as much information about the incident as possible. Write down:

  • License plate number
  • The vehicle’s make, model, and color
  • Description of damage to the other vehicle
  • Which direction the other vehicle was heading
  • Photos of the damage to your car
  • Location, time, and cause of accident

This information will help to file a claim.

Don’t follow the driver. Leaving the scene of the accident could mean that you miss out on recording eyewitness accounts. Police could question who is really at fault.

Do ask witnesses if they can remember any additional information about the accident. If they give you or the police their statement, ensure that you have their names and contact information in case you need to call on them again.

Don’t wait to call the police or your insurance company to file a police report or accident claim. The official accident report will help the police to look for the missing motorist and will be useful when you file your accident claim.

Does your auto insurance in Antioch, CA have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage? This protection can be especially important if the driver takes off or has limited auto insurance. Visit the industry experts at Jack Stone Insurance Agency for your policies in Brentwood, Antioch, and neighboring cities in California!

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