Online Safety Tips Every Parent Should Note

Social media is a part of everyday like for most of us – including our children. Even if it can be entertaining and educational, it has its risk – ones which you probably didn’t encounter when you were growing up. To keep your child safe on social media, take a look at these important tips.

  • Respect the age limit. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have a minimum age policy of 13 and What’s App is 16. It’s fairly easy to get around this by entering false information, but this encourages your child to bend the rules. Respect the age limits and don’t let them set up a profile until they are the right age.
  • Set guidelines or rules. Set a time limit for how long your child spends on social media during the week. You can also set specific times for your child and yourself to go on social media together to practice safety.
  • Regularly check your child’s privacy settings. Once your child has a social media account, remain vigilant about keeping their privacy settings updated. Only allow friend requests from people they know and ensure that their age, address, and the school they attend isn’t public.
  • Keep up to date. Stay educated on things like what new social media platforms pop up and the latest scams. This will enable you to stay ahead of the game and relate to your child.
  • Have regular conversations with your child. Encourage him or her to talk openly about what’s on their social media and if anything is wrong, such as cyberbullying. Teach them not to give out personal information and to be kind to other students and friends.

These tips can help your child stay safe while on social media. For all of your personal insurance needs, contact the team at Jack Stone Insurance Agency.

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