April is Stress Awareness Month: Here’s How to Tackle Stress

How to Handle Stress Positively

It’s natural to feel stress from time to time. However, if left unchecked, stress tends to be a real joy-killer. Of course, this then makes it harder to live happy lives. Stress can also lead to a number of major health concerns, ranging from anxiety to severe depression to life-threatening heart attacks. Since April is National Stress Awareness Month, we’ve compiled a few top tips to keep stress in check.


When we feel stress in the body, we tend to focus more on the mind instead of the body. This S.T.O.P. method is a powerful tool for slowing down and relaxing the body so that we can get through every situation.

  • Stop – Take a moment to stop your thoughts, words, or actions.
  • Take deep breaths – Breath in for a count of three and breath out for the same. Do this 5-10 times.
  • Observe – What is happening in your body? What are you feeling? Acknowledge it.
  • Proceed – Does a problem need to be solved? Do you need to take a step back or come back later?

Indulge in physical activity

Physical exercise can be used to metabolize the excessive stress hormones and restore your body and mind to a more relaxed state. When you feel stressed and tense, go for a brisk walk in fresh air. Try to incorporate some physical activity into your daily routine on a regular basis.

Get more sleep

A lack of sleep is a significant cause of stress. Make sure that your bedroom is a tranquil place where your mind associates relaxing and sleeping. Avoid doing demanding work before bed and do whatever helps you to calm, down, such as reading or taking a bath.

Talk to someone

Just talking to someone about what you are thinking and feeling can be helpful. Stress can cloud your judgment and prevent you from seeing things clearly. Talking things through, or even out loud, can put your problems into perspective.

Reducing stress, like many things, requires commitment. Make yourself and your wellbeing a priority by being proactive about reducing your stress. For all of your insurance needs in California, contact the team at Jack Stone Insurance Agency today.

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