5 Ways to Show Someone You Care This Valentine’s Day

Spoil Your Loved Ones This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re like most of us, you’re only now just thinking about it. Even if you’re single, you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved friends and family. For a few tips on how to show someone you love that you care about them this holiday, take a look at these tips.


Don’t pile on the pressure

Forced romance is never ideal. Remember that you don’t need to live up to everyone else’s expectations about Valentine’s Day. That means you don’t need to a five-course dinner if you’re struggling to pay bills or a weekend away if you have childcare commitments. The pressure shouldn’t fall on this one occasion to be perfect or to represent your entire relationship.


Focus on giving over getting

Savor the opportunity to make someone you love feel good. This doesn’t have to be a romantic partner – you can treat your mom or sister to flowers to send a card to your roommate. It can be anyone who means something to you.


Give something meaningful

Valentine’s Day is not just another holiday to max out our credit cards. Instead of opting for a high-end good to purchase for your loved one, think about getting something meaningful and unique. Would a framed photo have more value to an evening out?


Break the routine

Holidays and vacations often tell us one thing – that we should be taking more time in our daily lives to enjoy each other. Routines are easy to slip into and can threaten the passion and excitement we feel for our partner in the long term. This Valentine’s Day try to make the time spent with your loved ones more special.


Don’t just make it about your partner.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just reserved for showing our love to our partners. Sending an old friend or co-worker flowers can be an easy way to brighten someone’s day. Simply smiling at people, looking up, making eye contact, and saying thank you are great ways to be more open and loving.


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