4 Ways to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

There’s nothing quite like walking into a cool home when it’s hot outside. While many of us turn to our A/C to keep the property comfortable in summer, there are plenty of other cost-effective ways to lower the interior temperature.


Cool Down Your Home with These Efficient Tips


Close the curtains. One of the easiest ways to keep the heat out is to block it from coming in. Although our instinct is to open the curtains and windows on a warm day, it’s best to keep them closed to prevent the bright sunlight and hot air from entering.


Optimize the fans. In summer, run your fans counter-clockwise on their highest setting to push the air down to create a wind-chill effect. Ensure that these fans are working correctly to help cool the home and save yourself from turning on the A/C.


Switch off appliances. Lights and appliances generate a small amount of heat when in use, helping to warm up the interior of your property. Switch off appliances when you are not using them to save money on A/C costs and energy bills.


Avoid using the oven. The oven creates a huge amount of heat in the home. If possible, avoid using the oven when it’s hot outside. Instead, whip up a fresh salad for dinner or only use the stovetop, which generates far less heat. Better still, cook outside on the barbecue so that you’re not generating heat inside.


These tips can help to keep your home cool in summer. When you’re ready to secure a quality homeowners insurance coverage, talk to the friendly experts at Jack Stone Insurance Agency. We serve Antioch, Brentwood, and surrounding cities in California. Contact us today to get started!

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