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Safety Tips for the Summer Sun

Essential Safety Tips for the Summer  The days of summer are ahead of us, and many of us take this as a great opportunity to soak up the rays. Whether we choose to sunbathe abroad on our vacation or in our backyard, we must remember to stay safe when out in the sun. Summer sunshine can cause skin damage and can even … [Read more...]

Is a Home and Auto Insurance Bundle Right for You?

Should I Bundle Insurance Policies? In the insurance world, there’s a lot of talk on how bundling your policies can save you money. Bundling is a strategy where you buy multiple insurance products through the same provider. It could be grouping your auto and homeowners insurance into the same policy, or home and … [Read more...]

Is Drinking While Boating Legal?

Can You Drive and Drive a Boat?  When it comes to drinking while driving, we all know that it is wrong. However, when it comes to summertime fun, some people have questions about drinking safety while boating. Here’s what you should know before you pick up a beer while sailing. As much as you think having a drink … [Read more...]

How to Handle a Hit and Run

Learn What to Do After a Hit and Run Accident Being involved in a car accident is never a pleasant experience. It can be frightening, shocking, and traumatic. Being involved in a car accident where the offending driver speeds off can be even worse. Now you are left to deal with the consequences on your own. While your … [Read more...]

Fun Father’s Day Ideas

Tips to Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day Father’s Day is right around the corner, and now is the time to decide how you’re going to spend the day celebrating the man in your life. Whether he wants something quiet or wants to go all out in full celebration, we have just the idea for him and the family. Read on for fun … [Read more...]

How to Sneak More Veggies into Your Diet

How to Eat More Vegetables Every Day We all know how good vegetables are for our health. Vegetables are powerhouses of nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. A wide variety of veggies help to support our immune system, reduce our risk for many times of chronic diseases, and supply us with nutrition to keep our bodies … [Read more...]

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe While Driving

How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car  To most of us, pets are members of our families. They make great friends, you can talk to them without judgment, and they brighten our day every day! We can love our dogs so much that we want to take them everywhere we go. Whether you’re planning a long road trip or are simply … [Read more...]

Presidents Award – Jack Stone Insurance Agency

Would you want to have an Insurance Agent who is ranked in the top 1-2% of approx. 10,000 Safeco/Liberty Mutual agents nationwide? That is what you have with Jack Stone Insurance Agency in Brentwood, CA and the support or our partner Dennis Gliedt (co-owner of Gliedt and Stone Insurance Services). We are honored to … [Read more...]

How Condo Insurance Differs From Home Insurance

The Difference Between Condo and Home Insurance A key difference between owning a condo or a home is that you’re responsible for insuring. When you purchase a home, you’re responsible for the interior and exterior, along with the land surrounding it. With condos, you’re typically only responsible for the inside of … [Read more...]

Stop Doing These Bad Driving Habits

Break These Bad Driving Habits Many motorists on the road slip into some bad driving habits when they’re comfortable on the road. From not signaling and moseying into the next lane to squeezing the lemon at traffic lights, bad habits on the road can be dangerous. These result in a crash, collision, or traffic … [Read more...]