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Try This Fresh Recipe for Spring

Spring Buckwheat Salad Now that spring is here, we should be enjoying the seasonal produce on offer. With the abundance of fresh produce, many simple meals can be made. This asparagus risotto is a healthy and easy spring dinner your whole family will love! Ingredients 1 onion 3 cloves garlic 1 small … [Read more...]

Steps to Help Simplify a Home Insurance Claim

Steps to Take to Simplify a Property Claim  When damage or disaster strikes, you want your homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA to step in to help. Such a situation can be traumatic and costly, and it can even disrupt your entire life. When it comes time to filing a home insurance claim, there are certain things you … [Read more...]

April is Stress Awareness Month: Here’s How to Tackle Stress

How to Handle Stress Positively It’s natural to feel stress from time to time. However, if left unchecked, stress tends to be a real joy-killer. Of course, this then makes it harder to live happy lives. Stress can also lead to a number of major health concerns, ranging from anxiety to severe depression to … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Save on Last Minute Vacations

Save on Your Next Vacation Sometimes you just need to get away. However, if you haven’t planned a vacation, are you doomed to spend all of your hard-earned savings for airfare and hotel rooms because you’re booking last minute? Fortunately, the answer isn’t always yes! To help you save money on your next vacation, … [Read more...]

Figures Important to Your Homeowners Insurance

Understanding Your Home’s Value and Insurance Costs  You invest a lot in your home, and you spent time and funds protecting it and maintaining it. What many homeowners forget is that their homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA can help. With a bit of consideration and understanding, you can rest easy knowing you have a … [Read more...]

Identity Theft Prevention Tips

How to Prevent Identity Theft  In today’s society, criminals have found ways to become smarter and their crimes are much more difficult to detect. While it’s not always spoken about, identity theft continues to be a problem across the nation. Unfortunately, the costs of recovering and repairing this information damage … [Read more...]

How to Determine Fault in an Auto Accident

How Insurers Determine the At-Fault Driver  More than any other factor, rates for your car insurance are determined by your driving record. Good drivers with a clean history are likely to enjoy lower premiums, while drivers with one or more at-fault accidents must usually pay higher rates for coverage. However, even … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Cool in Traffic Jams

Staying Calm While Stuck in Traffic  Being stuck on your way to work or, for that matter, anywhere tends to take a toll on people. Sitting in your car for such long disruptions can be taxing and often is a cause of stress, worry, and tension in people. While auto insurance in Antioch, CA can help you with many things, … [Read more...]

Surprising Things Your Homeowners Insurance Covers

What You May Not Know Your Home Insurance Covers  Accidents happen. That’s why you have insurance. We all have a fairly clear idea of what our homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA covers and what it excludes. Home fire, theft, hurricane? No problem. You can file a claim. Although every policy is different, many … [Read more...]

Green Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day: Shamrock Shake

Whip Up This Healthy Shamrock Shake for St Patrick’s Day!  St. Patrick’s Day is a time for all things green to be celebrated! While many luminescent green cupcakes and bagels fill the stores, choose to whip up your own green-themed shake! Frost, minty, and creamy – this Shamrock Shake is a seasonal treat that will … [Read more...]