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5 Convincing Reasons Not to Drink and Drive

Stay Safe and Sober on the Roads   Understanding the dangers of drinking and driving is not challenging. Yet, every year, people get behind the wheel of their car while intoxicated. Not only do they ...

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Why to Update Your Home Inventory After the Holidays

Tend to Your Home Inventory After the Gift-Giving Season   The holidays have been and gone, and now your house is home to more precious and valuable belongings, whether it’s a new TV, watch or ...

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Are Your Kids Using Social Media Safely?

Online Safety Tips Every Parent Should Note   Social media is a part of everyday like for most of us – including our children. Even if it can be entertaining and educational, it has its risk – ...

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Easy Tips to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Smart Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Car Insurance Coverage   Although car insurance is often seen as somewhat of a necessary evil, it can save you from a whole lot of trouble should something happen. ...

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How to Get Through Flu Season

Protect Yourself From a Nasty Flu Season Every year, millions of people in the U.S. get the flu. Flu season (from October through spring) is not winding down just yet. In fact, there is still very ...

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Do I Really Need Roadside Assistance?

Could You Benefit From Roadside Assistance? Have you ever found yourself on the side of the road? Perhaps you ran out of fuel, perhaps the radiator overheated, or you ran over a nail that popped your ...

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Safety Tips for Driving with Pets

Keep Your Pet Safe and Happy on the Road  Any pet owner will know that your furry companion is more than just a pet – he or she is actually a member of your family. It’s one thing to care for ...

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3 Bad Car Habits You Should Break This Winter

Winter Driving Habits to Break Winter weather means cooler temperatures and more adverse driving conditions. If you think you drove your vehicle off the lot ready for winter, you may be wrong. Small ...

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What Items Are Commonly Stolen From the Home?

A Burglar’s Favorite: What Items in the Home After Often Targeted When burglars target a home, it’s likely that they think there will be a whole host of valuable items to take. Most thieves are ...

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