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Top 3 Mistakes in Buying Homeowners Insurance

We all make mistakes in life. We’re only human. However, when we’re taking out insurance coverage, it’s important that we are mindful not to make common mistakes. Unfortunately, that’s easier ...

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Homeowners

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and for most of us, that means a time of joy and to be grateful for what we have. It also signifies the start of the holiday season with good food and quality ...

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Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road

Whether you are driving to the local grocery store, commuting to work, or traveling across the state to see family, staying safe on the road is important. Although you cannot control how other people ...

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Should You Switch to Usage-Based Auto Insurance?

If you find yourself driving less because of the pandemic or a change in lifestyle, you may be wondering how you can alter your car insurance in Antioch, CA to fit your new needs – and lower ...

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Common Reasons Why Auto Insurance Premiums Rise

If the price you pay for auto insurance in Antioch, CA goes up every year, you are not alone. Even when you haven’t filed a claim, been in an accident, or logged any traffic violations, it’s ...

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Financial Tips for When You Reach Your 60s

At every stage of life, it is important to be on top of finances and understand our budget. However, when we come to reach our 60s, the importance of wealth management and smart money moves becomes ...

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Homeowners, Were You Aware of These Myths About Homeowners Insurance?

Most homeowners know what their homeowners insurance covers and when they can file a claim. Or do they? Surprisingly few homeowners actually take the time to read through their policy and review it ...

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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection?

When you are selling your home, an important part of it is the home inspection. Many homeowners prepare for this inspection by getting the house in tip-top shape to produce the best outcome. Buyers ...

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Reasons Why a Car Insurance Company May Refuse to Insurance You

Car insurance in Antioch, CA is something that must of us need, whether we use our vehicles once a week or commute fifty miles a day. While we often think of auto insurance as a necessary and easy ...

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