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10 Commonly Stolen Cars (and How to Protect Yours)

America’s Most Stolen Vehicles – And How to Protect Yours When people think about car theft, they think of thieves breaking into brand new vehicles in the dead of night. In reality, that isn’t ...

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Steps to Protect Your Home From Wildfire Damage

Protecting Your Property Against Wildfire Damage  California is no strange to wildfires with the state reaching a record number of fires in previous years. When temperatures reach upwards of 2000° ...

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Protect Your Property with These Home Insurance Endorsements

Home Insurance Endorsements to Add to Your Coverage Your homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA is designed to protect your property when you need it the most. While it does a good job of safeguarding ...

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Healthy Snacking Tips for Your Summer Road Trip

Fill Up with Healthy Food While on Your Summer Road Trip  The season of summer road trips is here! Whether you’re traveling to another state or the next city, road tripping is one of America’s ...

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Five Tips to Tame Your Road Rage

Stay Calm Behind the Wheel with These Tips  We’ve all been there. Whether someone cut in front of us, a tourist is driving well below the speed limit in front of us, or rush hour is taking its ...

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Does Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Does My Auto Insurance Cover Rental Vehicles? Summertime means getting away from the norm and experiencing something different. But before you rent a vehicle to explore a different city or state, ...

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Hosting Summer Parties? Consider Your Liability

Insurance for Hosting Backyard Summer Parties Summer is right around the corner, and that means that many of us are planning ahead for celebrations and fun. Hosting a gathering, BBQ, graduation ...

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What You Should Know About Solar Panels and Homeowners Insurance

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Solar Panels?  Solar panels are a great way of harnessing the power of the California sun, and more and more homeowners and choosing to install them. But switching to ...

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Is There a Thing as Too Much Auto Insurance?

Finding the Right Amount of Auto Insurance Finding the right car insurance is like Goldilocks’s porridge. Sometimes policies will offer you too much coverage – far more than you may need. Others ...

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