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Thinking of Bundling Car and Home Insurance? Here’s What You Should Know

To attract and retain customers, most insurance companies offer multi-policy discounts (bundling discounts). While this may sound like a good deal, bundling policies has some downsides, too. ...

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How Homeowners Insurance Cover Personal Injury Claims

Personal injuries can happen at anyone’s home, which is why every homeowner needs to carry a certain amount of liability coverage. For example, a guest might trip over a crack in your floor and ...

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Being Dishonest on Your Insurance Application Will Void Your Policy

Insurance companies take on a lot of financial risks to secure your policies. In return for them taking such a large risk, they rely on their clients to be as honest as possible when filling out ...

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How Your Credit Check Can Affect Your Renters Insurance

Most renters are people who cannot afford a home and all the monthly costs that go with it. In the quest to live a low-cost lifestyle, renters often overlook the financial benefits of having a ...

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How To Proceed If Your Home Insurance Claim Is Delayed

Home insurance helps protect one of your most valuable assets, your home. If something were to go wrong, generally, your next move would be to file a homeowners insurance claim. However, there are ...

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Important Facts about Earthquake Insurance: What You Need to Know

Thousands of earthquakes happen around the world each year. If you live near a fault line, you should make sure you have proper earthquake insurance. It likely is not included in your basic ...

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Debunking Common Myths about Life Insurance Settlements

For those who need them, life insurance policies can provide much-needed funds for loved ones if the primary breadwinner passes away unexpectedly. There are instances, however, when a life insurance ...

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How Using Storage Units Impacts Your Home or Renters Insurance

One of the most important benefits of home or renters insurance is protecting your belongings if something goes wrong. People with many personal or luxurious items may opt to put these items in ...

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The Benefits of Increasing Your Auto Insurance Coverage

Shopping for auto insurance can be stressful as you figure out the type of coverage you need. It’s important to plan for emergencies when assessing your coverage options. Many people who search ...

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