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Can I Pay My Home Insurance Premiums Monthly?

Home insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to protect homeowners from financial losses due to damage to their properties. This type of insurance covers a variety of different perils and ...

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Do RV Insurance Policies Cover Water Damage?

Damage of any kind to your RV can put a damper on exciting travel plans. Water damage is a sneaky issue that may go unnoticed for a long time. In this article, we provide you with a comprehensive ...

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Is Renters Insurance Essential for College Students?

A renters insurance policy covers your personal property stored on and off the rented premises. Whether college students need renters insurance depends on where they live- at their parents’ place ...

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How to Get an Insurance Policy Reinstated After It Was Canceled?

There are different ways your car insurance policy can get canceled. You might cancel it because you’ve found a better deal with another insurer. An insurance company will cancel a ...

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Do You Need Umbrella Insurance for Rental Property?

Landlord’s insurance offers some level of liability coverage. This coverage pays for liability costs that may come about in case of third-party bodily injury or property damage. For instance, if a ...

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How to Proceed If Your Friend Damages Your Motorcycle

Motorcycling is a popular hobby. Perhaps you use your motorcycle on a regular basis. Be aware that riding a motorcycle is a high-risk endeavor. That’s why it’s important that you obtain a ...

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Does Your Boat Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

Sailing can be a year-round activity, but you need the right boat insurance coverage wherever you go. Some areas can have unexpected storms in any given season. Ideally, your boat insurance will ...

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Does Renters Insurance Cover Extended Hotel Stay?

Renters insurance covers your hotel stays if your rental home is uninhabitable after a covered loss or event. Besides protecting your hotel stays, renters insurance also pays for additional living ...

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What Should You Know About Homeowners Insurance Driveway Damage?

A crack, no matter how small, in the driveway can be a problem for homeowners. However, if a covered peril causes damage to your driveway, your insurance may pay to repair the damage up to your ...

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