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It’s Get Organized Month! Here’s How to Update Your Home Inventory

Tips for Updating Your Home Inventory January is the month we all experience a surge of motivation to get all of our ducks in a row. While you are reviewing your insurance policies this new year, it’s wise to think about updating your home inventory, too. Not only is a home inventory vital for insurance, but it also … [Read more...]

How to Review Your Insurance Policies This New Year

Tips to Help You Update Your Insurance Policies It’s 2019! The New Year is full of hope, opportunity, and time. Although you may be busy with your New Year’s resolutions, the team at Jack Stone Insurance Agency highly advise you to set some time aside for an important task – reviewing your insurance policies. Sure, … [Read more...]

Homeowners Insurance: Are Disasters Covered?

Which Disasters Are Covered by Homeowners Insurance?  As you might suspect, homeowners insurance does a good job of protecting your home and belongings from disasters. Standard homeowners insurance policies generally cover a wide range of potential disasters, from windstorms to fire to theft to lightning strikes. To … [Read more...]

Do I Have Enough Homeowners Liability Coverage to Suit My Needs?

What Homeowners Should Know About Liability Insurance Although owning a home is truly the American Dream, ownership comes with certain liabilities, such as your personal responsibility for incidents that occur on your property. Personal liability insurance included in your homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA and … [Read more...]

What Are the Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker?

3 Reasons Why You Should Use an Insurance Broker  For most, finding the right level of insurance cover can be time-consuming and daunting. You can either purchase from an agent of an insurance company or use an insurance broker. Often seen as a “middle man,” an insurance broker works between an insurance policy and … [Read more...]

Jack Stone Insurance Agency named ‘Safeco Insurance Change Agent’

Recently, Jack Stone Insurance Agency was named Safeco Insurance Change Agent. The program rewards independent agents whose volunteer efforts make a difference in their communities and recognizes that small, everyday steps can have a big local impact. Please read the full article by clicking … [Read more...]

Jack Stone Insurance Agency’s Top Holiday Safety Tips

Happy Holidays from Jack Stone Insurance Agency!  Now that the holidays are in full swing, we wanted to spare a moment to wish you all a Happy Holiday! While you may be enjoying the festivities with friends and families, it’s important that you don’t let safety fall by the wayside. To help protect your loved ones this … [Read more...]

3 Things You Didn’t Know Home Insurance Could Cover

Things You Didn’t Know Were Covered by Homeowners Insurance  As a homeowner owner, you have home insurance in place. You know it covers your building’s structure and contents from damages and losses. However, do you know what else your homeowners insurance in Antioch, CA can cover? Take a look at these lesser-known … [Read more...]

Holiday Dinner Recipe: Cranberry & Lentil Bake

Impress Guests with This Delicious Holiday Loaf If you’re hosting guests over the holidays, you may be prepared to spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen cooking up a storm. To help you prepare your feast and impress your guests, this cranberry and lentil bake is ideal! It’s quick, easy, cheap, and delicious. Plus, … [Read more...]

Easy Tips on How to Defrost Your Vehicle Quickly

Top Tips on How to Get Your Winter Car Ready for the Roads  We know what you’re thinking – California isn’t known for its frigid temperatures, snow, and ice. Even so, temperatures can drop rapidly overnight, meaning that we wake up to a frosted over vehicle. While we may not have to contend with inches of snow, we … [Read more...]